Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Cute Naughty Cousin !!!

I have a cute naughty cousin. He's hyper-active and like to bully me. Hehehe. This post is dedicated to him as I snapped a few of his pictures today. =P

He like to scratch me, tumbuk me, cucuk me, 'kuchi-kuchi' me and hentam me. Hahaha. But, he's cute and I sayang him so much too =). I really like the last photo. He's so creative =P. The earrings are actually key chains.

Ekekeke.. Gotta stop and of course HAPPY MOTHER's DAY !!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY DEAREST MOM !!! HUGGGIIIEEESSS ~ ~ =)


  1. ooo.. i can see he is CHEEKY alrite! :D

  2. merryn : hahaha.. erm, kinda.. lolx =P